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The greatest fortune of a company is the Healthy Employees.

Do not let the health issues affect their working performance and jeopardize the company's competitiveness.

Studies shows adapting EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) improve company production efficiency by 14%, lower employees absence rate by 21%, and decrease the accident at work by 17%.

Healthcare Program

In order to give employee the best health assistance, we make progress with below services: Health Risk Evaluation, Professional Consultation, Improvement Plan, Educated Lecture, Knowledge Advocacy, Selected Product, Health Assistance, Quality Assurance.

Educated Lecture

Hold healthcare and nutrition lecture to educate employee about the health related issues.

Knowledge Advocacy

According to a variety of topics, regularly send out new information to strengthen the employee's health awareness.

Health Assistance

Keep record healthcare services, track long-term health status, assist in save personal health data.

Health Risk Evaluation

Evaluate employee's health status by questionnaire, determine life-style and behavior patterns associated with risk factors, and assist employees to improve the overall health and well being.

Professional Consultation

Through face to face or telephone consultation, the professionals are able to assist employee to resolve their specific health problems.

Improvement Plan

Offer tailored health improvement plans for different stages after the efficacy evaluation.

Selected Product

Provide professional recommend-ed health products and enjoy the exclusive coupon.

Quality Assurance

Monthly service report allows supervisors and HR comprehend the service usage and progress in brief under the privacy protection.

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